Sustainability Approach.

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First and foremost, every organisation has a responsibility to the environment and our planet. For today and for future generations. But we also believe that sustainability will become an increasingly important strategic growth driver for our partner dealers and OEMs. 

And we know they need their key strategic partners to be aligned in their sustainable commitments and to support their long-term sustainability targets. That’s why we go beyond surface-level commitments to provide long-term, sustainable actions that are aligned to UN sustainable development goals.

  • We are reducing the use of virgin plastic in the care packs, bottles and packaging where possible
  • We are acquiring all packaging from renewable resources
  • We are pursuing 100% recyclable product range to reduce the possibility of adding to landfill
  • By default manufacturing is an energy intensive exercise and all opportunities to reduce consumption and waste of energy and materials is being taken
  • We manufacture under a system that complies fully with ISO 14001 Environmental Management Framework 
  • 100% electrification of our account management vehicle fleet
  • Adoption of virtual meetings and paperless offices
  • The digitalisation of dealership POS and promotion collateral 
  • We are putting environmental sustainability at the heart of our new product development strategy
  • We are focusing on low-impact formulations by working to discontinue the use of PFAS (“forever chemicals”)
  • We are pioneering a digital ecosystem to advance the digital adoption and marketing optimization for dealers
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