Digital Strategy.
A holistic digital strategy.

We have developed a holistic digital strategy that can support our clients and their customers at every stage of the journey. Through our pioneering technology and solutions developed by GardX Engage, we are able to support our clients drive conversions, increase engagement, optimise effectiveness and ultimately enable their business growth.


Digital Vision.

Linked to our manifesto where we ”guarantee that every part of our business exists to drive more growth for yours” we have developed a Digital vision.

“Our Digital vision is to become a virtual assistant for our clients, that adds true value, drives conversions, increases engagement, optimises their effectiveness and ultimately supports their growth. To do this we will create a data driven, connected ecosystem to deliver relevant, seamless solutions and contextual experiences to our client’s and their customers throughout the entire journey”.

Supporting the full Customer Journey.

Today's customers are changing rapidly, from the way they conduct their research, how their browsing patterns have evolved and how they purchase products.

Through our focus on cutting-edge technology solutions, GardX Engage provides a proven suite of digital products that are tailored to every stage of the customer journey.


Customer journey


We take great pride in placing our partners at the forefront of our industry’s digital revolution. Increasing and enhancing, performance efficiency, sales optimisation and customer experience.

Our digital leadership spans much further than the products and solutions pioneered through GardX Engage. Technologically driven ideas and innovations can be found in the fabric of our business, as we strive to continually increase the impact of our partnerships, whilst scaling our business and brands both domestically and globally.