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The customer journey is changing faster than ever. And as your customers gravitate towards an omni-channel experience, dealerships and OEMs are faced with a juggling act of trying to expose their customers to their value-added products at the optimum moments via the most effective channels. But we all know that looks different for each and every customer.

So how do you effectively deliver a holistic customer experience that utilises modern touch points, while harnessing your consumer data compliantly? 

GardX Connect is here to revolutionise the customer journey, and maximise the value-added product opportunities for your business.

It’s your very own data-driven digital ecosystem and suite of support services, ready for rapid deployment, and seamlessly plugs into your business to transform the way you work. 


GardX Connect is your very own value added product (VAP) ecosystem, ready to integrate endlessly. No matter the digital maturity of your dealership, our solutions are critical in preparing your business for the customer of the future. 

Dealerships and OEMs can turbocharge VAP sales and customer engagement by deploying GardX Connect quickly and easily. It's a scalable solution that harnesses data-driven, digital engagement seamlessly and consistently by offering customer-centric, compliant experiences via the channels they choose.

GardX Connect essentially becomes your virtual assistant.

It powers customer engagement.
It drives conversions.
It enriches your processes.

GardX VAP Eco System

We appreciate that no two customers are the same, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to handling their specific needs and requirements.

To survive in today’s ever-evolving market, dealerships need to deploy a blend of tactics to deliver a customer experience that transcends the traditional dealership experience. 

By factoring in a whole range of customer needs and preferences, GardX Connect intuitively analyses customer intention to facilitate a genuinely personalised experience for every customer. 

From the moment a customer decides they are in the market for a new vehicle, throughout the purchase process and into the ownership cycle – our intuitive systems are picking up on your customers’ cues across all touchpoints, all of the time, and adjusting the customer experience accordingly.

It continuously harnesses compliant data to build multi-dimensional customer profiles, so you can deploy personalised engagement tactics to each and every customer, ensuring the right products are promoted at the right time via the right channels – across the entire journey.

GardX Connect - Customer at the Heart

Let's take a closer look...


GardX has a range of award-winning solutions and digital point-of-sale that will help you promote and sell more value-added products via your dealership, such as paint protection and insurance policies.


You can harness the power of our online and AI tools to increase engagement and drive conversions via your website and enquiries.


Our eCommerce solution enables self-serve purchases for all of your value-added products. It seamlessly plugs into your website, allowing your customers to convert – even out of hours. 

Online customer care.

Via the online customer care portal, your customers can view and download their policies, discover, and purchase more products, engage with your brand, make a claim or schedule appointments. 

Contact centre.

For customers who prefer human interaction, our contact centre is on-hand to support your customers through live chat, on the phone or via two-way video.

Our contact centre teams can also pick up actions on your behalf, such as following up on an email campaign, attending to customer care needs, or providing technical or compliance support for customers on their eCommerce journey – fully supporting your customer at every step of the way.


GardX Connect can create, trigger, and execute marketing campaigns on your behalf. Our platform enables fully-branded, automated campaigns to be delivered, taking your customers through dynamic nurturing cycles based on their needs and interactions.

All of this is supported and bound together via our proprietary product and customer hub, iGard. This platform houses all of your customers’ product and policy information across the entire lifecycle. 

Backed by a full insights and analytics suite of interactive dashboards, you’ll gain full transparency of your performance, and quickly be able to identify areas of improvement. 

As well as tracking your live performance, it gives you access our latest marketing assets, allows you to place orders, and access our e-learning platform.

GardX Connect
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