20 years
26 Oct 2023

GardX set to mark its 20th anniversary with a further escalation of its ambitions for Dealers and OEMs.

Far from sitting back to reflect and reminisce, GardX is set to mark its 20th anniversary this November by unleashing an ambitious suite of new innovations. This announcement follows just weeks after the company launched GardX Connect, a pioneering digital ecosystem designed to maximise value-added-products and insurance opportunities. 

Announced under a framework of “Transformation @ Twenty” these new innovations reflect the culmination of two years’ development and are the most significant co-ordinated launches in the history of the company.

Just fifteen months after announcing the revolutionary GardX Ignite strategy, the appetite for innovation shows no sign of slowing, as the company continues to pursue its vision of becoming the global leader in vehicle protection and F&I products, enabled by world-class technology solutions, and supported by truly collaborative and growth-focused partnerships. 

GardX asserts that each new product, commitment, innovation, and digital deployment has been born to positively disrupt the industry, with the ultimate intention of further accelerating the growth of partner Dealers and OEMs as they reshape their businesses around the customer of the future.

GardX Founder and Chairman, Victor Coutin explained: 

“A spirit of restless innovation and pushing boundaries has been the lifeblood of GardX for twenty years. Therefore, it just wouldn’t feel right to mark our 20th anniversary by looking back with nostalgia. Instead, we want to look forward with ambition, and with a renewed commitment to our industry, and our partner Dealers and OEMs. 

The last twenty years has been a fantastic journey and one we look back on with many fond memories. Back in 2003, we never expected the business to become the global pioneer that it has, representing some of the world’s most prestigious automotive brands. Our core client promise, ‘a guarantee that every part of our business exists to drive more growth for yours’ Is as relevant today as it was 20 years ago, and that promise has never been more important for our clients as it is today. 

New Product releases designed to positively disrupt the industry.

The raft of upcoming product releases includes the latest in tech focused digital F&I solutions and enhancements across GardX’s core range of world-renowned vehicle protection systems, along with the imminent launch of two completely new vehicle protection products. One, a new graphene product and another, completely new elite vehicle protection system, designed specifically for premium and prestige vehicles.

GardX also shared plans to release updates to their sustainability vision, a commitment that is already shaping the company’s strategy. There are significant industry-leading developments across the four foundations to GardX’s sustainable plan, including; Product & Packaging, Manufacturing, Operations and new Innovations.

GardX will launch the industry’s first and only integrated testing, reporting, certification, and warranty solution for Battery Electric Vehicles. This new solution is set to be launched to the market within weeks and is set to be ‘game-changing’ in the BEV sector.

Transformation through digitalisation. 

Whilst digital transformation has been positioned at the heart of GardX since the launch of the Ignite strategy in 2022, perhaps the most impressive of all announcements was the launch of the much-anticipated of GardX Connect – a digital ecosystem and suite of support services designed to maximise value-added product and insurance opportunities and transform business growth.

Designed to turbocharge both value-added-product sales and customer service through digitalisation, automation, and optimisation, GardX Connect is an ecosystem that will revolutionise the omni-channel experience. Creating a competitive edge for Dealers and OEMs, with an elite customer experience at the heart of everything.

Future facing ambitions. 

This all comes at a time when GardX continues to flourish both domestically and internationally. The company’s insurance arm – GardX Assure – has recently celebrated its position as the industry’s leading OEM partner of choice in the UK insured sector. Whilst the group also accelerates its international strategy to drive growth across the globe, expanding its presence across Europe, Central & South America, MENA and Asia Pacific to further expand Dealer and OEM partnerships in international territories.

Reflecting on the new announcements unveiled as part of its ‘Transformation @ Twenty’ initiative, GardX Chief Executive Officer, Billy Coutin explained: 

“Transformation @ Twenty is more than a catchy tagline. The depth and ambition of these co-ordinated timed launches is something our industry has never seen, and it simply doesn’t happen overnight. We’ve been planning and developing ‘Transformation @ Twenty’ for the past two years. We understand the industry and the very real pressures that our clients face today. Therefore, we wanted to mark this special anniversary by unleashing new tangible products and initiatives that our clients can benefit from. Our team very much considers this a statement of intent as GardX embarks on its third decade of rapid growth and transformational thinking.

We will of course be sharing further details of each element and product launch in the coming days and weeks. As always, everything we have done is designed to drive client’s growth and bring benefits to their businesses, as they continue to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of the customer of the future.”

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20 years
26 Oct 2023

GardX set to mark its 20th anniversary with a further escalation of its ambitions for Dealers and OEMs.

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