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03 Oct 2023

GardX Connect launched to maximise value-added product opportunities.

GardX announces the launch of GardX Connect – a digital ecosystem and support services designed to maximise value-added product opportunities and transform business growth.

GardX Group has announced the much-anticipated launch of GardX Connect, a digital ecosystem and support services designed to turbocharge sales and customer engagement of value-added products (VAPs) for Dealers and OEMs. The solution can be fully white labelled to match a Dealer or OEM’s needs.

With an ambition to ‘become the global number one provider of value-added products, enabled by world-class technology’, the company has positioned GardX Connect as a seamless new source of competitive advantage in the evolving automotive landscape. At a time when many organisations are seeking to optimise business growth and maximise conversions and profitability, the solutions delivered through GardX Connect are critical in preparing the industry for the customer of the future.

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Rapid deployment of full ecosystem or seamless integration. 

Developed to make an immediate impact with rapid deployment capability, GardX Connect is available as a fully adopted ecosystem or through seamless integrations into clients existing business processes and systems. It is designed to enable Dealers and OEMs to maximise their VAP opportunities.

Dylan Haskell, Chief Revenue Officer of GardX Group explained, “GardX have been supporting clients maximise their value-added product sales for over twenty-years. GardX Connect, isn’t about GardX ‘owning’ the digital space, far from it. Its about advancing our industry and helping clients through digitalisation and to enable them to meet their obligations under Consumer Duty. Helping our clients to enhance their growth through maximising value-added products, with a customer centric approach ensuring we deliver an elite experience for the customer of the future. 

Ultimately, we want to put the end-customer in the driving seat and allow our clients to engage, interact and transact throughout their journey, on the channel that the customer chooses at their convenience. We have a suite of data driven digital solutions and support services that clients can leverage to achieve this. This is a compliant system clients can rely on, based on real-time insights and a constant optimisation approach.

Revolutionising VAP business and growth. 

Available as a white-label solution that delivers a seamless, client branded experience, GardX Connect serves as a data-driven enabler for performance-focused strategy and decision-making, with core supporting services such as marketing, analytics and optimisation all key foundational facets of the Connect ecosystem.

Following two years in development, and a series of customer-facing trials, GardX expects its pioneering new ecosystem and support services to create revolutionary benefits to VAP opportunities through its intuitive automation and optimisation of VAP sales. 

Billy Coutin, Chief Executive Officer of GardX Group said, “We’re at a pivotal time in our industry and GardX Connect will provide the antidote to many of the new and emerging challenges faced by Dealers and OEMs. Enhanced processes, online-to-offline interactions, transparency through real-time reporting, seamless integrations, improved customer experiences, enhanced VAP growth and superior customer care, are just some of the benefits GardX connect will deliver. 

Connect is a system created to democratise digitalisation. Our industry doesn’t need another system that sits in a silo, offering limited impact in isolation. That’s why Connect is created to integrate endlessly, meaning no matter the digital maturity of a dealerships, they can use it as the foundation of their digital future – adding different features to create a one-of-a-kind ecosystem specifically designed to maximise VAP opportunities and create a competitive advantage.” 

A truly transformational development. 

The launch of the GardX Connect ecosystem comes just 15-months after the company shared it’s game-changing Ignite strategy, which placed digital innovation at the heart of its plans to significantly enhance its client value proposition and position itself as the global leader in clients maximising value-added products. 

Stuart Tyre, GardX Chief Operating Officer said, “We were very transparent in publishing our ambitions for the industry through our Ignite strategy. Of course, digital innovation is at the heart of those future-facing ambitions. But ultimately, our entire strategy is about driving the success of our client Dealers and OEMs, that is supported by truly collaborative and growth-focused partnerships. We believe that the long-term answer is creating an ecosystem with the ability to seamlessly interface and integrate with other new and existing systems and partners. We believe that GardX Connect is the first of its kind that purely focusses on maximising opportunities and growth for VAPs. This enables GardX to connect to our clients and industry partners, to provide a seamless and connected customer experience. Although we’ve already seen that GardX Connect can have a transformational impact when used as a fully adopted ecosystem, we’re equally excited to welcome collaborative partnerships with complementary solutions that will integrate seamlessly with the Connect ecosystem. We see the Connect ecosystem as a truly transformational development – for GardX, our clients, our partners, and the industry as a whole.”

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