Ask anybody that knows GardX and they’ll all say the same thing – that our people are our greatest strength. Despite all the cutting-edge technology, industry-leading solutions and award-winning products, it’s our team that have built our global reputation, whilst forging game-changing partnerships with many of the industry’s most forward-thinking dealerships and OEMs.

As part of our over-arching IGNITE strategy, our people plan is designed to support employee’s continued growth and development, ensuring they remain the driving force of our success, and our most valuable and respected strategic asset. Alongside this ambition, we will continue to build and protect a forward-thinking company culture that spans every international territory, whilst developing robust talent roadmaps and succession plans across every area of the business.

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Blending experience, ambition, and an unfailing spirit of entrepreneurialism, our leadership team embodies our vision and values, sharing accountability for driving the success of our IGNITE strategy, whilst instilling a culture of innovation and positive disruption across our global team. 

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“A positive, can-do attitude is incredibly infectious. It transcends international borders. So that’s what we’ll always maintain”.

Dylan Haskell, CRO

Dylan Haskell

We're growing across the globe, with diverse and rewarding career opportunities for the industry's brightest and most ambitious talents. 

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We have a culture that trusts and inspires people to make a difference. And we know that doing things differently is the only way to disrupt our core markets. 

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