Our vision

Through our focus on cutting-edge technology solutions, GardX Engage provides a proven suite of digital products that are tailored to every stage of the car buying journey – and far beyond. Performance efficiency, sales optimisation and customer experience are all enriched through our partner dealers and OEMs, as we take great pride in placing our partners at the forefront of our industry’s digital revolution.

Our digital leadership spans much further than the products and solutions pioneered through GardX Engage though. Technologically driven ideas and innovations can be found in the fabric of our business, as we strive to continually increase the impact of our partnerships, whilst scaling our business and brands both domestically and globally.

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"Technology isn’t just ingrained in our own business. Our Engage digital products and solutions are proven to create a significant uplift in sales conversions for our partners too."

Billy Coutin CEO

Latest news.

22 Nov 2023

GardX unveils EVerity

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07 Nov 2023

GardX launch two new pioneering vehicle protection products.

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20 years
26 Oct 2023

GardX set to mark its 20th anniversary with a further escalation of its ambitions for Dealers and OEMs.

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